We are a community of practice, with high standards and a capacity to deliver at scale, working together within a powerful and well-established culture.

Our Team
Leadership TeamConsultantsOperations
We are a diverse, female-led business, with Ally Salisbury as our Managing Partner. As a Leadership Team, we lead and manage the health of the organization, ensure our constantly evolving practice is embedded in all aspects of our client work, seeking to model the values and vision of Sheppard Moscow that makes us extraordinary and unique.
Our highly experienced master practitioners develop our business, deliver the work, and nurture the relationship with every client. Together, across various geographies, we work collaboratively with each other celebrating our differences, while working to a core set of values and fundamentals that unite us as a group. Our collective experience of consulting, coaching and facilitating spans a wide range of sectors and circumstances.
The true backbone of our organization, our experienced, dynamic, client-centric Operations Team does an array of financial, program management and technical delivery support - forging strong client relationships and enhancing the overall client experience.