We ignite change in your organisation by immersing ourselves in your culture, practices and people.

We care about the mission you are on and want to help deliver the results you need. We really get to know you, your team, your business and the needs of your stakeholders.

Staying at the cutting edge is core to our success. Since our beginnings in 1969 we have worked with organisations large and small, across sectors and across the globe, building our knowledge, expertise and insights through hands-on practice.

We think deeply in partnership with clients to make sense of what is really going on, ensuring your decisions deliver real business value, and create lasting change.

We coach and develop leaders and teams to bring out the best of your own capability, building awareness and new skills in the midst of running the business.

We work flexibly around your operational business realities: global or local, virtual or face-to-face, digital or personal.

3 Touchpoints For Ignition


Working As One

Energising the heart of organisations

We develop teams and their ability to interact with one another to deliver the results your stakeholders need.

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Inspiring Leadership

Creating powerful leaders

We develop the leadership culture and capability your organisation needs to thrive.

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Igniting Change

Sparking positive action

We partner with you to make change happen, to become truly agile and able to adapt, and learn faster than the speed of change.

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Our experience of working with Sheppard Moscow has been one of genuine partnership where both parties were equally invested in ensuring positive outcomes. Their ability to build a climate of trust and openness made a real difference to the engagement and learning of our leaders, and their attention to detail in planning every aspect of their work shines through.

Barry Holmes, HR Director