Organisational Development

Human change

We partner with clients to help them liberate energy in their people - to deliver performance, build human capability, and unlock potential in their organisations. Igniting change, we convene and facilitate the conversations that shift collective consciousness, build commitment, enabling responsive breakthroughs to changing ambitions, operating models, business strategies, and ecosystems.

Mobilising heads and hearts enables the resilience and adaptive capability required for innovative action and high performance amid change.

Whether the challenge is clarity of purpose, re-alignment, trust and collaboration, performance, change agency, or new modes of working.

As OD consultants, we take a highly relational approach - clear about our own humanity, vulnerabilities and aspirations - helping the people we work with develop the mutual trust, psychological safety, sense of purpose, alignment, ingenuity and robustness to navigate change together.

Our OD consulting focuses on leadership, teams, and culture – and, with that, some of the key levers for collective human change.

What made the work unique, and cannot be provided just by solid change management, was Sheppard Moscow’s ability to catalyse the change needed to win hearts and minds of the whole R&D organisation. They enabled our leadership team and our Team Leaders to have the courage and ambition to become true entrepreneurial leaders in the drug development process, whilst at the same time convincing the organisation of the necessity for the change. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Steffen Roellinger, Head of Global Project Management
Bayer Pharma R&D

Change for good

To lead change is to envision a clear outcome, establish your philosophy of change, engage the human system and experiment-with-intention to bring about transformation over time. We help you engage with the cultural and leadership levers of change, beyond the operating models and processes in place.

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