Vivien has almost 20 years of experience in leading changes and developing leaders for numerous highly profitable Fortune 500 MNCs. Vivien has a strong track record of working across different industries and cultures. She brings a honed professional expertise, and is proficient in the ecosystem of corporations. This unique background allows her to bring strategic thought leadership, pragmatic delivery and a savvy sense of stakeholder perspectives to her work with clients.

Vivien takes people-centred, strength-based and solution focused approaches to organisation transformation and change management. She is experienced in designing and leading successful organisational development interventions, particularly in the areas of strategic planning, cultural transformation, purpose-driven coaching, mental wellness, leadership development, and succession planning for large multinational companies. She has a strong belief on positive psychology and value driven principles. She partners predominantly with the C-suite, business leaders and HR leaders to drive impactful changes and to develop leaders for today, tomorrow, and the future.

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