Welcoming Alex Marples to the Partnership Group

Article 08 May 2024

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce that Alex Marples has joined the Sheppard Moscow partner group. With Alex joining, the partner group now count themselves as six – a growth that reflects Sheppard Moscow’s wider organisational ambitions as we grow, innovate and diversify to deliver for our clients.

Proudly independent since our founding by Colin Sheppard and David Moscow in 1969, Sheppard Moscow has evolved to be an international, female-led consultancy delivering impact for organisations through leadership development. As we lean into a future very different to what has come before, we are delighted to evolve our business to be sustainable and reflect the ever-changing world we work in. Embedding new perspectives at a high level and continuously practicing curiosity and learning will enable us to navigate this future, and to help take our client relationships to another level.  This really is a significant addition to our partnership.  

Since joining in early 2020, right on the cusp of the COVID pandemic, Alex has made it clear that he wanted to be a part of something ‘larger than himself’, to find a place of ‘true belonging’.

I found a home at Sheppard Moscow, the place I was meant to be – a place where we share purpose, share a passion for making a difference for our clients, where new perspectives are welcomed and acted upon to constantly develop our practice and delivery with great intention.


Continuing to build Sheppard Moscow’s expertise in the Telco and Private Equity sectors, Alex has been instrumental in developing and nurturing client relationships with his innate ability to get to the core of what needs to happen for a client to achieve their strategic goals. He also shares our collective passion for developing leaders, finding great fulfilment in working in a powerful team to deliver impact for our fantastic clients.  

As a colleague and practitioner, I am passionate about bringing joy and impact to our work in equal measure. After over four years of working closely with our fantastic partnership, I am excited to take on the responsibility of co-owner and bring my unique perspective to this level.

So, please join us in extending a well-earned ‘Congratulations!’ to Alex, as he takes on his new role as Partner with Sheppard Moscow.

Sheppard_Moscow_Headshots_130.jpg Ally Salisbury