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Experts in Leadership, Teamwork & Igniting Change

We work with a range of clients facing the challenge of creating sustainable change. Our experience combines a solid understanding of the complexity of human engagement and the dynamics of organisational culture.

At Sheppard Moscow we understand business commercials and markets, and understand organisational tensions. We have backgrounds in various sectors; from life sciences to manufacturing, financial services to technology. We are seasoned, experienced consultants who speak business language and work at behavioural and psychological depth, changing cultures, bringing about attitudinal and behavioural shifts.

We are world leaders in developing the skills needed by leaders in their roles - around the world, in different contexts, in different cultures, and under differing circumstances. We work 'live' with these leaders, groups, & teams to challenge them. We also understand the benefits of caring for, listening to, and acknowledging people. That makes us different.

“We understand the challenges around creating sustainable Organisational Change. It starts with real people and real teams. We equip the Leaders of today and prepare the Leaders of tomorrow.”

Think about the benefit to your business. Think Sheppard Moscow.


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We work with a wide range of organisations worldwide, to provide leading consultancy services in leadership, change, developing people and teams.

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