Hartmut Stuelten


For more than 30 years Hartmut has helped senior managers from across a multitude of industries, both in the private and public sector, to improve the quality of leadership and engagement within their organizations.

The essence of Hartmut’s work is to support his clients in thinking more clearly and deeply about themselves, others, their organizations and the world at large in order to develop more options for skilful and constructive action. In this context, he supports his clients to also explore and understand their “shadow side", their unconscious drivers, beliefs, assumptions and emotional and behavioural patterns that get in the way of their ability to have the degree of presence, impact and wellbeing they would really like to have.

There is an authenticity about you that is so often lacking in other consultants. Whilst always firmly grounded you do not attempt to ‘over theorise’ with your clients but aim to cut through to the core of what needs to be addressed and avoid over complicating the matter in hand. You are the only consultant that I have heard my fellow Board members say they felt privileged to work with – praise indeed!

Board Member
Health Care Company

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