“Immediately after working with Sheppard Moscow, people were taking initiatives. Conversations that people found impossible and which were tense and difficult shifted completely, with people really working to understand one another and build communication.”

(Director of Global Organisation)

We Believe In Leadership, Teaming & Engagement

At Sheppard Moscow we believe in partnering with our clients to bring about effective, sustainable change. We believe in provoking our clients' thinking, challenging the status quo and supporting people through change.

Our clients tell us that we make a difference to their business success by ensuring that the change is real and for good.


  • We believe that authentic leadership makes a difference to business results.
  • We believe in the transformational energy of real teams
  • We believe in a systemic and holistic approach to organisational effectiveness
  • We believe that organisations are networks of relationships and that the quality of these relationships are a key determinant of the organisation's success.
  • We believe change happens one conversation at a time, so organisations must have a climate in which people can and do talk straight about what matters most.
  • We believe in change through engagement.

What do you believe? Discover the answer with Sheppard Moscow.

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We work with a wide range of organisations worldwide, to provide leading consultancy services in leadership, change, developing people and teams.

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