An Interview with Vicky Seeley, COO Sheppard Moscow

Following their first internal interview with Dorothee Stoffels, our interns here at Sheppard Moscow were keen to gain further insight into the workings of Sheppard Moscow and the experiences of those who work in the company. Here, Maja Pergament and Therese Werleus interview our  Commercial Director, Vicky Seeley.

Vicky, what is your position at Sheppard Moscow, what does your core role entail?

I am Sheppard Moscow’s COO, however my role extends to also include the position of CFO. Basically, my job is to ensure the company runs smoothly. I work primarily on client contracts and monthly accounts, managing both the company’s finances but also ensuring we have the necessary resources (i.e. our consultants) in the right place, at the right time. Additionally, on the more strategic side, business development is an area I focus on within my position. Basically, I am responsible for keeping everyone and everything on track.

How would you describe Shepard Moscow?

Sheppard Moscow is, in short, a management consultancy. We work with both leaders and teams to support them in fostering a more integrated and cohesive company structure through effective leadership. We work specifically with large companies where there is a hierarchy - which, in some cases, negatively impacts internal communication channels. In such cases, Sheppard Moscow places emphasis on restoring focus on the human element within a company as a driver of success.

 If you could only use 3 words to summarise Sheppard Moscow what would they be?

The three words I would use are: Partnership, Leadership and Authentic.

How long have you worked at Sheppard Moscow?

I've been here since 1997, so that makes it 19 years with the company.

What is it in particular that has made you stay with the company all this time?

It changes all the time. I have worked my way up the "company ladder" to earn this position at Sheppard Moscow; throughout that time, I have worked with many different people and fulfilled a variety of roles so it doesn’t feel as though I have been working at the same place for all these years. I have developed and grown with the company and can honestly say I’m still really enjoying it here!

You work with many people - internal and external, because of this, do you do a personality “shift” depending on who you are talking to? How do you do this? 

Ha ha!. I just go with the flow. I don’t think work is everything in life but it is a big part. Therefore, I want people to feel comfortable and happy while working here at Sheppard Moscow, and while partnering with us. Work is just somewhere you go every day, you might as well like it and enjoy it.

Do you do any kind of mindfulness practice? Something to take a break from your work-reality?

Cycling!  But also other physical activities like walking / hiking through hilly regions. I like to do stuff that makes you physically tired so you can’t think about work, otherwise I would think about work all the time.

What do you think has been the key to Sheppard Moscow’s success in the field of Leadership?

I would say that it is down to both our consultants and the teams who support them. As a combined force we are able to provide a platform to share the knowledge and expertise with our clients and provide valuable direction in fostering positive and effective leadership.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

I see Sheppard Moscow as continuing to develop and build upon the company we are today. I also foresee us hiring some new young consultants to bring some fresh blood into the company. 

- Maja Pergament and Therese Werleus 

If you would like to know more about what we do at Sheppard Moscow, please drop us an email


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